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About the Department

Department of Fundamentals of Machinery Design came into being on 1.10.2019. The Department continues activity of the Institute of Fundamentals of Machinery Design came into being on 1.09.2012 and Department of Fundamentals of Machinery Design (1.09.2012) and previously Institute of Fundamentals of Machinery Design. In years 1971- 1991 it was a part of Institute of Mechanics and Fundamentals of Machinery Design, and in earlier times a part of Department of General Fundamentals of Machinery Design, which has been in existence since the day Silesian University of Technology at Gliwice was founded.

Main research fields:

  • machine learning, data mining and knowledge discovery, development of methods of knowledge acquisition for diagnostic expert systems, knowledge representation in diagnostic expert systems, methods of information selection and reduction, automatic making diagnosing, rule-, context- and case- based reasoning,
  • diagnostics, development of diagnostic databases and their implementation in diagnostics and monitoring systems, diagnosing with hidden models, identification and application of approximate and/or uncertain models for technical diagnostic, development of real-time dynamic expert systems, diagnostics of complex machinery in varying conditions of operations, model-based prediction of state propagation,
  • industrial applications of diagnostic and intelligent monitoring systems (eg. DT200 employed in the 200 MW Turbine Generator in a power station in Poland),
  • probability calculations, identification of diagnostic rules with application of bayesian networks,

innovative applications, identification of inverted models and inverse problem solving, multi-models based diagnostics, data fusion,

  • acoustic and vibration analysis, time-frequency analyses, high order signal estimation, signal processing in dynamic expert systems, signal processing with the use of pattern analysis.

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