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Educational activities of the Institute

Our Institute realises educational activities in courses related to many issues such as:

The issue of machinery design there are conducted courses such as:

  • Engineering Graphics,
  • Engineering Drawing and Design,
  • Engineering Drawing and Design, CAD,
  • Fundamentals of Machinery Design,
  • Methodology of Design,
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD),
  • Advanced CAD systems,
  • Engineering Software,
  • Computer Aided Design and Operation and Maintenance of Machinery,
  • Computers Methods in Mechanics and Machine Technology,
  • Integrated CAD/CAM systems.

In the group of courses, including issues of technical diagnostics the following courses could be enumerated:

  • Theory of Systems and Signals,
  • Mathematical Theory of Signals,
  • Methods of Technical Diagnostics,
  • Modal Analysis,
  • Fundamentals of Reliability and Operating Machinery,
  • Fundamentals of Machine Operation and Diagnostics,
  • Operation and Diagnostics of Machines and Equipment,
  • Methods of Noise and Vibration Limitation,
  • Diagnostic and Monitoring of Machines,
  • Problems of Reliability and Durability of Machines,
  • Measuring Systems.

Issues relating to the methods associated with artificial intelligence are discussed in the following courses:

  • Approximate Modeling,
  • Artificial Intelligence Methods,
  • Heuristic Methods,
  • Knowledge Aquisition,
  • Artificial Intelligence and Databases,
  • Decision-aiding Systems and Knowledge Management.

Issues relating to robotics are discussed in the following courses:

  • Mobile Robots,
  • Design of Robots and Automation Equipment,
  • Sensors and Vision Systems, Image and Sound Analysis.

In addition, the Institute conducted courses as:

  • Databases,
  • Management of Production Data,
  • Object Oriented Programming,
  • English in Automation and robotics,
  • English in Materials Engineering,
  • English in Mechanics and Machine Technology.

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