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Research and service offer

The staff of Institute of Fundamentals Machinery Design is highly experienced in investigations and industrial applications concerning the main fields of the research of the Institute.

We realize the research and service orders connected with:

  • diagnostics of machinery state and the technological processes, in the broad sense, what means our help in:
    • creation and developing of modern diagnostics systems, eg. for productions processes control, and distribution systems (e.g. urban water distribution systems), examination of the machinery state under varying conditions of operation,
    • diagnostics investigations aided with the multiaspect measurements of vibro-acoustical and thermal quantities, eg. examination of thermal isolation of buildings, diagnostics of pipelines and thermal equipment,
    • identification of the defect of various surfaces with the use of a vision systems,
    • estimation of noise and vibration hazards, preparation of the expertise concerning the ways of propagation of noise and vibrations eg. in working environment, and the manner of its influence on human body.
  • measurements of various physical quantity, eg.:
    • acoustic measurements, among others: sound level, acoustic power, sound intensity, localization of sound/noise sources,
    • strain measurements with the use of electric resistance wire strain gauges and piezoelectric strain sensors.
  • experimental modal investigations and analysis;
  • acoustic and vibration signal analysis, time-frequency analyses, high order signal estimation, signal processing with the use of pattern analysis;
  • various design and engineering works connected with, eg.:
    • designing of the mechatronic systems,
    • designing of the robots and mobile robots for various applications.
  • elaboration of the applications aiding engineering works leading during the machinery designing processes, with the use of CAD/CAM systems, and its extension by engineering knowledge acquisition and data mining tools;
  • development of intelligent computational and decision systems for aiding the solving process of various engineering problems, eg. expert systems, dynamic expert systems and other computational systems aided by various artificial intelligence methods;
  • creation of 3D models of different dimension-limited objects, with the use of its digitalization made on the basis of technical documentation (even incomplete) or with the use of 3D scanner, and milling technique (in Necuron material). Such a models could be used in eg. medical, artistic or technical designing and productions processes.

Moreover we can cooperate in solving problems connected with:

  • machine learning, data mining and knowledge discovery, development of methods of knowledge acquisition for diagnostic expert systems, knowledge representation in diagnostic expert systems, methods of information selection and reduction, automatic making diagnosing, rule-, context- and case- based reasoning,
  • development of diagnostic databases and their implementation in diagnostics and monitoring systems, diagnosing with hidden models, identification and application of approximate and/or uncertain models for technical diagnostic, model-based prediction of state propagation,
  • industrial applications of diagnostic and intelligent monitoring systems (eg. DT200 employed in the 200 MW Turbine Generator in a power station in Poland),
  • probability calculations, identification of diagnostic rules with application of bayesian networks,
  • innovative applications, identification of inverted models and inverse problem solving, multi-models based diagnostics, data fusion,
  • signal processing in dynamic expert systems,
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