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Research activity

Research area of the Department of Fundamentals of Machinery Design comprises issues concerning with the design and operation of machinery along with such disciplines as computer science and automation and robotics. Research conducted at the Department results from the analysis of market needs, as well as the purpose of conducting basic research aimed at solving practical problems, both already identified and those expected in the future.

Staff of the Department specializes in developing and applying a variety of methods and computer techniques allow for solving issues such as:

  • diagnostics of machines and technological processes. This research are conducted from the measurements, involving advanced measurement techniques of vibration signals, audio signals, thermal images, process variables, and then using some of these signal processing methods, to develop an appropriate software to the current assessment of the technical state with the use of analytical or intelligent computations allowing for the application of appropriate methods of reasoning. Developed diagnostics systems are verified on both the real objects, laboratory and using simulation techniques.
  • design and building of intelligent monitoring systems and extensive diagnostics systems. These systems take the advantage of distributed measurement systems including intelligent network of sensors giving the possibility of faults detection, localization and identification in extensive systems. Development systems can be robust to failure of sensory systems and communication channel;
  • aid systems during the design and construction of machines using CAD / CAM systems and the expansion of these tools for acquisition, gathering and use of engineering knowledge, eg through the building of decision support systems and expert systems. These activities are focused on the development of general methodological issues such as a formal method of knowledge acquisition in the design and construction process as well as solutions for specific areas of design;
  • design and construction of specialized robots and autonomous systems, where apart from the typical design and construction of actuators ,proper control systems, to recognize the environment, communications and localization as well as relevant data acquisition systems are developed. Research area comprises also smart solutions to reconfigure the control system consisting in an appropriate adaptation of the controller based on the behavior of the current technical condition of the robot. Work on the construction of the inspection robots is verified in the target application;
  • development of intelligent computational systems to solve various problems that arise or may arise in engineering practice;

Research activity comprises also issues concerning with the development and application of methods for virtual and augmented reality, signal and image processing, systems knowledge acquisition and machine learning, haptic methods in the shaping of plastic materials, methods and techniques to reduce noise and vibration, issues of modeling and identification systems, rapid prototyping of diagnostics systems, etc.

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